Dr. Michelle Kew

Durban, Umhlanga Rocks Based Chiropractor at Medstone Medical Centre

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About Me

I am a Dr in Chiropractic and have been a qualified Chiropractor since 2006. I am also a registered Pilates Instructor. I am passionate about combining the advantages of correct core strengthening with Chiropractic care, and offer two pilates classes a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday Morning from 6am - 7am.

I am situated on the Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, just down from the Gateway Hospital. You will find our Centre For Sports Medicine right next to the Seattle Coffee Shop, on the corner of 19 The High Street and Boulevard Road.

My Services

Diversified and Holistic Practice!

My style of practice is diversified and I treat holistically. I use precise, specific adjustment techniques to restore joint movement and a variety of soft tissue treatments such as:
  • Massage with ischemic compression
  • Needling ( which is Dry Tissue Needling , not accupuncture)
  • Stretching techniques
  • The Transeava machine

I am one of the few practisioners in Kwa-Zulu-Natal who uses the Winks Greene Transeva machine. It is a modified foradic electro modality, extremely effective in treating the following:

  • Scar tissue¬†breakdown (old injuries to muscle and/ or connective tissue)
  • Muscle Re-activatation (dormant,weak and/or damaged muscles)
  • Speeding up of tissue healing (ie: ankle sprains; post operative recovery)
  • Restoration of damaged nerves

This machine serves as an excellent tool for treating patients with nerve palsy's such as Bels's palsy and Trigeminal neuralgia. Some patients find significant relief from chronic sinusitis.

Sometimes a variety of approaches are needed to treat a condition and therefore I may focus on correcting ergonomics and may suggest specific supplements helpful for a specific condition or complaint. Having studied through Solgar International, I have a keen interest in vitamin, mineral and herbal supplementation to aid the body's healing process.

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